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Street Kings () Trivia on IMDb: Cameos, Mistakes, Spoilers and more. Street Kings. (39)IMDb h 48minX-Ray Packender Thriller mit Keanu Reeves als Cop, der der Gerechtigkeit gerne mal mit abgefeuerter Waffe auf die. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Street Kings Imdb anzeigen. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Street Kings Imdb und anderen Personen, die du kennen. Street Kings. IMDb 6,81 h 48 minX-Ray18+. Packender Thriller mit Keanu Reeves als Cop, der der Gerechtigkeit gerne mal mit abgefeuerter Waffe auf die. Street Kings. IMDb 6,81 h 48 minX-Ray Packender Thriller mit Keanu Reeves als Cop, der der Gerechtigkeit gerne mal mit abgefeuerter Waffe auf die.

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Keanu Reeves (Detective Tom Ludlow) in Street Kings James Ellroy, Keanu Reeves Quotes. Saved from More information. Street Kings (). Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Street Kings Imdb anzeigen. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Street Kings Imdb und anderen Personen, die du kennen. Street Kings. IMDb 6,81 h 48 minX-Ray Packender Thriller mit Keanu Reeves als Cop, der der Gerechtigkeit gerne mal mit abgefeuerter Waffe auf die. Street Kings * IMDb Rating: 6,8 () * USA * Darsteller: Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie. Street Kings. merken · Amazon • IMDb · Übersicht · Kritiken3 · Bewertungen12 · Blog0 · Trailer0 · Poster2 · Bilder0 · Forum4 · Street Kings. / -, 0, 1%, 2%​. Alles in allem bietet „Street Kings“ schnörkellose und brutale Action mit einem zwar vorhersehbaren aber konsequenten Ende. "Street Kings" in der IMDb. Teilen. Keanu Reeves (Detective Tom Ludlow) in Street Kings James Ellroy, Keanu Reeves Quotes. Saved from More information. Street Kings (). Finde die schönsten kostenlosen related:street kings imdb Bilder, lade sie herunter und benutze sie auch für kommerzielle Zwecke. Cole Https:// Gettis Box Office Mojo. Chris Evans was wooden and didn't seem to be able to act his way out of a glass box, during the argument in the locker room between him and Reeves I bit my tongue to keep from laughing as Reeves was actually doing a good job. While investigating a series of murders, a homicide detective becomes the prime suspect when source FBI see more his close personal ties to all the victims. But does it work? I say "NO". David Ayer is no stranger to depicting cops on film.

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Action Film. N-tv liveticker Hd. Alan Turing. Film Pictures. Der untergang is an incredible German Oscar nominated movie. The photo was given to him by Captain Wander though his blackmailed "sources" and this is revealed later on after the girls are rescued go here a conversation with Sex vom inside the house. Just before Ludlow goes to meet the Korean buyers, he is cleaning his gun in his den and just sophie hunter it you see a black and white photo of the house where the two young Asian girls that were abducted visit web page being held. street kings imdb

Reformed criminal gets blackmailed into doing one last job when former partner crawls out of the woodwork. Motor City moves the action to Michigan and explores the world of dirty cops on the violent streets of Detroit.

But he is taken aback at being saddled with cocky rookie cop Detective Jimmy Rogan Kevin Chapman whose dedication and commitment to tracking down the guilty party matches his Something's not quite right when an actor of Liotta's quality accepts roles in straight to DVD films that were originally occupied by an actor the, well, quality of Reeves in films that went to theatres.

Anyway, so we have Liotta in the lead role, showing his age a little now, with more than the odd grey hair, a significant weight gain and a performance that just doesn't have the manic intensity that's always been his speciality which may explain why he's appearing in straight to DVD sequels these days.

Being a sequel to a film that only managed to be of average quality in itself, it's unfair to expect too much of this lesser profile offering, which, to be fair, has a fairly engaging detective story to it.

If only it didn't feel quite so by the numbers and hazy, not quite as intelligent as it thinks it is and gradually more formulaic as it goes on.

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Street Kings Action Crime Drama. It starts off great and never slows down. Money well spent at the Theater, and I'm the kind of guy who'd walk out of a movie that does not engage me.

I would watch it again. When I first took this in at the theater, I had high expectations, and it still blew me away. I remain spell-bound by this.

It is an extensively well-thought-out and entertaining film. The plot is compelling, engaging and keeps developing, and while I had a hunch about one twist, I did not see them all coming.

This has spot-on pacing, not a boring second to be found, or an overwhelming one for that matter.

The cinematography and editing are excellent throughout. Every moment of the action is awesome, intense and exciting without being unrealistic within the bounds of Hollywood, that is The music is appropriate for where this is set, not to mention really cool, consisting mainly of hardcore rap.

As you can probably figure out, the tone of this is brutal, dark and gritty, through and through, and should not be viewed by anyone who may not be able to take it.

The writing is astounding; the script, the dialog, the overall story, all of it. There is a lot of slang the subtitles certainly helped me out , and some instantly memorable and utterly quotable lines.

The characters are distinguished, credible, and psychologically accurate, with no real exceptions, and while there is a heavy dose of macho-ism and bloated egos some bits are soaked in, and dripping, testosterone , it never gets ludicrous, and there are several characters who help keep it grounded, in their more agreeable personalities.

I think it is also notable that this, beyond a sequence lasting no longer than a few seconds, this does not at any point stoop to the lowest common denominator and try to appease and appeal to the young male demographic by simple parading something to gawk at.

This isn't denying the existence of such, it just has nothing gratuitous in the way of it other than aforementioned brief part.

The acting is magnificent, for basically every part I owe Evans a heartfelt apology, the guy can actually do great work, and be pretty bad-ass , Reeves is believable, and Whitaker performs well in everything required of him in this.

Both Laurie and Mohr, honestly, if you didn't know they usually go for making people laugh, you wouldn't know from this, they're straight-faced and professional all the way and I'm not saying they're not funny in this.

There is plenty of disturbing content and a ton of strong violence and language in this. All of them are well worth the time.

I recommend this to fans of the people involved in making it, as well as of the genres and those who want to watch pictures set in this environment.

C-Younkin 12 April Keanu looks real bad-ass, Forrest Whittaker looks like he's digging back into the character he played on "The Shield", writer director David Ayer is no stranger to life on the cop circuit, having written "Dark Blue" and "Training Day among others, and the movie also brings on the token rappers for good measure in Common and The Game.

But does it work? Ludlow's a dirty cop, but he feels in a good way. He'll execute and then tweak the crime scene if it means taking the low-lifes off the streets for good.

When he finds out, Tom follows Washington around, walking right into a convenience store robbery where Washington is gunned down execution style.

Wander tells Tom he'll take care of it, but Tom is a man who values justice more than anything.

He partners with a homicide detective named Diskant Chris Evans to follow the evidence and solve the murder. The movie, by David Ayer, couldn't be more hard-core.

It's filled with riveting gun-battles and fights and it's a movie not afraid to show some real brutal violence and blood.

The verbal exchanges between characters are also exceptionally written, heated and intense with a good ear for dialogue.

My favorite line by far this year is "Why don't you do the department a favor and clean your mouth out with a buck-shot.

Sure, you can probably see the ending coming if your paying close enough attention, but think about it, the movie couldn't end in a better way.

This is the kind of movie Reeves is excellent in, giving his character edge and toughness but also never losing track of the character's underlying moral dilemma.

Whittaker is also incredible in this movie, sinking his teeth into a character who's basically portrayed as "The Godfather" of LA.

Hugh Laurie shows up every once in a while, the character feels underwritten though. Chris Evans does a decent job, Cedric The Entertainer and Jay Mohr are nice additions who add some comedy, and it's a small role but Naomie Harris deserves a shout-out for playing the down-to-earth voice of reason character.

The cast is right on the money, the writing and direction is terrific, and the action couldn't be more exciting. The year is still young but this is one of my favorite films so far.

MrSavari 11 April Over the past few years, the Action genre has continued to leave film goers mad. We have returned to what made this genre so appealing in the first place.

We have returned to the time of classic cop thrillers such as Serpico and Chinatown. A modern day classic Street Kings.

Do not miss this gritty story of a rogue cop who is pushed past his limits by corruption, greed and violence.

Keanu Reeves plays the role perfectly in his stunning performance as Tom Ludlow. Forest Whitaker gives an awesome supporting performance as Wander.

Although there are a few rap artists in this film, they each play street thugs, which is not a far stretch.

Street Kings is an instant classic!!!! Action from beginning to end. I saw this with my sis and bro-in-law last night.

We are all ish grandparents and we loved it. Keanu Reeves is always getting bashed by the critics because he refuses to advertise his private life like Tom C.

The man deserves his privacy, just like the rest of us. All the acting was top-notch, nothing over the top or wooden.

Real testosterone, just like the law enforcers I know. You have to have the balls to be a cop these days.

The Disco character was acted just like a brave newbie cop in over his head. He was not "wooden" If you like action from start to finish, go see this movie.

This deserves to be a blockbuster! Ludlow has been suffering from depression since his wife died. On top of that, his former partner, Detective Terrance Washington Terry Crews is murdered by two gang members.

Ludlow goes on a wild and reckless quest through the mean streets of Los Angeles to track them down and get justice for Washington.

In the first 10 minutes, we get to see how good Ludlow is in using his guns. The movie races at such a fast pace, and it is so intense at times that you don't know who is the good guy or the bad guy.

There are some great shootout scenes, and whatever you do, don't get in Ludlow's way, because he will take you out.

Usually, the police have this cop culture of protecting each other. After they imply that Ludlow had something to do with the murder of Detective Washington, he begins to question his loyalty to his fellow officers, especially, when they hang him out to dry.

At that point the movie gets real interesting. The only problem I had with the script was that it put the tough cop Ludlow in a gloomy mood the whole movie.

I would have preferred him to be a cop with self-control and strength of mind. If you enjoy cop dramas, you will like this one, because it has so many twists and turns and back stabbing to keep you interested and wanting more.

You will love some of Ludlow's interrogation techniques of the bad guys. Quinoa 13 April I didn't go into Street Kings expecting a masterpiece, and I didn't get one.

What I did expect is what I got, more or less: a competently made corrupt cops drama that throws on some heap-loads of stereotypes not just racially or ethnically but just movie stereotypes, which may possibly be true to form them , and even crazy hysterics.

If there is any significant achievement it's in taking the cop movie into such depraved depths it's like looking at a very entertaining infected boil: you know it'll pop any minute, and the pus might just run out a little bit here and there till there's more to squeeze out.

There's almost an underlying current of hopelessness that gives the movie some intellectual lift, but at the same time it's such a time-waster that unless you're hardcore fans of the actors it's just about worth a rental.

Keanu Reeves goes from wooden to soggy-bottom wood as a cop who has been doing some dirty tricks to catch the bad guys lately like setting up two Koreans- who are bad dudes for sure- by having them jack his car and then catching up with them to pop caps in their behinds , and he might be ratted out by his former partner.

But when his partner is killed in very conspicuous circumstances, he goes to investigate it further while on a quasi-probation for even being at the scene of the crime the crime, by the way, has one of the cheesiest "don't die on me" moments I've ever seen, laughably bad in how it's executed, no pun intended.

What does give it just a bit of extra lift is the extreme quality of the conclusion, how things seem so ridiculous that in any other hands this would be total nonsense.

David Ayer, the director and writer of Training Day, the perennial new millennium corrupt-cop saga , does have a good handle on the material though, even with ham-bone performance; Forest Whitaker is one of them, sadly, as he basically retreads his persona from The Last King of Scotland as the "King" of the corrupt cops.

There is some not too shabby work, like a nearly phoned-in-from-House performance from Hugh Laurie not unappreciated if you are a House fan , but it's mostly from supporting players like Jay Mohr in odd mustache and Common, the rapper, as one of the 'thugs'.

It all kind of blends together as a pulpy orange of a B movie, good for something to not ponder too long over, but not as horrible as you might expect for a genre piece.

It's a flavor of the season. DarkVulcan29 13 April Keanu Reeves's acting has been called Luc warm by the critics, I don't think he is the worlds worst performer, There are so many other performers I'd like to give that crown too has the worst, but he does not fit in that category.

So far his performances are not Oscar worthy, but he manages to make them memorable for the most part.

Set in the mean streets of L. But then things begin to come down on him, When he is caught up in a shooting of a former friend turned enemy Terry Crews , Then Tom starts being investigated on why was he there.

Tom secretly begins his own investigation, he has the feeling he might have been set up, will he find out the truth, or will the truth get him killed?

It was entertaining to say the least the best cop thriller since L. It had great suspense and great performances by everybody in the film.

Just saw it at a sneak preview and really enjoyed it. Keanu Reeves was fantastic in this film and it really showed me what a great actor he is.

I have had a hard time imagining him in anything since The Matrix, but he really pulled this character off and showed me what he is made of.

The rest of the cast is solid as a rock too, but the thing that really stood out to me was the writing.

This film is a throwback to the cop thrillers of the 's, but with MUCH better writing and bigger budgets. There are even a few genuine laughs to go with all of of the action and it is great to see Jay Mohr doing something other than "The Ghost Whisperer!

It is quite easy to get absorbed in this one. Prediction: Street Kings is the number one film on it's opening weekend.

This is a real find - one of those sneaky films that slipped through the box office and past the critics, despite being a great movie.

I'm sure it will find it's audience though, because it's class all the way. Keanu puts in one of his best performances and seems to be only improving with age.

I know he cops a lot of flack for his performances at times but understated doesn't always mean wooden.

He is capable of great subtlety, if you care to pay attention. If the guy looked like Sean Penn instead of Keanu Reeves, I'm sure he would get more credit than he does.

The support cast are superb. Hugh Laurie is particularly noteworthy, laying on the smarm. Gritty, compelling and gutsy. If you yearn for a return to the hard-edged cop movie, don't miss this hidden treasure.

I wasn't expecting to like this movie; the cop genre is not my favorite after all, but I did. I really did. It does feel like a B movie or sort of film noir, perhaps because it only cost 20 million to make.

But the cast was top notch. Will he survive this? This is easily his most nuanced role to date - he truly wears the weight of a cop who has seen and done too much on his face.

The action scenes were kick ass and I loved to see Amaury Nolasco play against his Prison Break type. Warning: Spoilers.

It's a well crafted film, with very good gun fighting scenes that tends to become a bit overboard, but still realistic enough.

The story is predictable, but satisfying enough without being over complicated. The main thing that make this movie better than many mediocre gangster films is Forest Whitaker.

It's sad that he only got so little on screen time. My favorite scene is not the gunfights and action scenes.

It is the final showdown in the film. A true testament to the acting prowess of Forest Whitaker. He simply steal the thunder and lift the show single handedly.

Reeves on the other hand played out his character a cop with moral dilemma with the usual broodiness, seen-it-all personality.

Pretty much like in Constantine. A well acted, believable character. Watch this movie if you happened to walk into the cinema one weekend with nothing in mind.

An infamous undercover cop becomes a pawn when he is implicated in the murder of his former partner.

What could have been an average police corruption thriller is elevated by Keanu Reeves, the supporting actors and David Ayer's kinetic slick direction.

Notable is Terry Crews as ill-fated Terrence Washington. Reeves delivers the flawed alcoholic cop Detective Tom Ludlow successfully, while the role may not be as suitable as John Wick, it certainly one of his more dramatic roles.

The film stands in the shadow of the like of Training Day but has enough punch, with bloody hard hitting scenes to stand on its own.

It's probably on par with the comparable Dark Blue , Ayer incidentally wrote the screenplay but unavoidably falls into the trappings of the genre.

Ayer's is wise to use a predominately on location shoot and portray graphic violence to give credence and weight to the proceedings. As Ludlow is set up and goes about uncovering a deeper conspiracy screenplay writers, the profound James Ellroy and underrated Kurt Wimmer successfully dot i's and cross the t's crafting a satisfying if somewhat predictable tale.

The ending emulates the feeling of the closing of Dirty Harry Always topical and prevalent, I suppose you can never have too many films which highlight the pitfalls of greed and corruption.

Overall, formulaic yet entertaining. I wasn't expecting much from Street Kings, just to be entertained and that's what I got.

Keanu Reeves played the part good, Hugh Laurie did exceptionally well, while the worst acting in the movie was from Chris Evans.

Chris Evans was wooden and didn't seem to be able to act his way out of a glass box, during the argument in the locker room between him and Reeves I bit my tongue to keep from laughing as Reeves was actually doing a good job.

The story was good, flawed and slow in places, but overall good. Sure the movie could've had a better cast but it doesn't and the only surprise here is that Chris Evans was worse than Keanu Reeves.

James Ellroy penned tale of a cop, played by Keanu Reeves, who is a loose cannon sent on the trail of the killer of his murdered partner.

Protected by his captain because he can get things done and hounded by Internal Affairs, Reeves soon finds he is descending into a world that he really should not be part of.

Reeves is okay, if a bit wooden as our antihero. Part of the problem is that he isn't given a great deal to do beyond allowing events to play out around him.

To be certain he is a participant in events but there is a coldness to him that doesn't give a great many clues as to what is happening inside him.

One would suspect he took the role because it offered him a chance to say some pithy lines, and behave in a more or less serious manner.

The rest of the cast is quite good and one suspects that Forest Whitaker as his boss and Hugh Laurie The Internal Affairs guy took the roles because they got to play a bit against type.

Good instead of great the films script, a long time in the oven, shows signs of being worked and reworked so much that the script becomes confused because too many hands lost track of what was going on.

Rest assured that the central thrust and much of the dialog seems to be the work of Ellroy, the ending is most assuredly his in plot if not writing, but all of the details the additional writers have added have blurred what ever had attracted a long line of directors and stars to the project.

Worth a look on DVD or cable where you're more likely to forgive the flaws. Skriptman 13 April Okay, let's face it.

The credibility factor in almost ALL action flicks is questionable at best. If you really took the time to analyze the logic behind the story, you'd come up short.

But, by definition, action pics are just that -- heavy on the action, and not so heavy on the logic that supports the story. Yes, the story falls short -- you'll find yourself asking questions like "Why did the undercover cops that Tom Ludlow Keanu kill want to eliminate Detective Washington if they weren't part of Det.

Wander's crew to begin with? Contrary to much of the published critique of the movie, I think Keanu brings exactly what is needed to the role -- he's vulnerable, jaded, broken What more could you want in a solid action pic??

What I love about David Ayer's work is that he is unpredictable and unafraid to tell a story in all its brutality.

From his penned script Training Day to his directorial debut in Harsh Times, we are treated with bad men and worse men, doing what they need to survive and not worrying about the consequences.

When I saw the trailer for his new film Street Kings, I thought I'd be in for a three-peat, but I should have looked at the writing credits.

Don't get me wrong, I like James Ellroy and Kurt Wimmer, I enjoy much of their work, however, knowing Ayer's catalog makes me believe that it was their fault why I did not love this film.

The aesthetic is there, the language is there, and the violence is never shied away from, but the story itself never surprises.

You will be able to see what will happen straight from the getgo and unfortunately that just isn't what I'm used to seeing with Ayer.

I expected more and hopefully for his next film he won't go gun-for-hire and write his own new urban street tale. Don't be fooled by the trailer, this is not a story about a corrupt cop on his day to day jaunts busting heads and covering his tracks.

It's about the good cop that has lost his faith, while he may go against the rules, he will only do it for the right reasons; he hasn't gone completely off the deep end.

No, it's those around him that are lost and he must find two cop killers when everyone just wants to let it go in order to save his skin.

True he wants the cover up to keep his job, but he also wants justice for his ex-partner, a man he began to dislike but a man he loved and would not let die in vain.

In effect, then, we are treated to a much slower paced plot then you may want as he goes out on his own to solve the case off the books.

More a straightforward cop drama then a crazy shoot-em-up, we are shown this one story thread through to its inevitable conclusion.

Ayer, you aren't supposed to be so cut and dry, what happened? Being such a by the numbers tale also means sacrificing a lot of character development.

Roles like Naomie Harris' are throwaways, putting a name actress in a small part with no real substance. The same goes for Hugh Laurie, third billed and quite entertaining, but does his Captain Biggs have any real need to be there?

You could have put any guy off the street in that role and it would have served its purpose as a MacGuffin to be explained later.

Morgan Freeman is fantastic as usual. Movie Posters. From the introduction of Largo — saving a girl from very large soldiers — Salle keeps the story and character beats strong more info his action sequences. Largo Winch. Find this Pin and more on Posters opinion, friesland krimi opinion Parul Tongaria. Just before Ludlow goes to meet the Korean buyers, he is cleaning his gun in his den and just above it you see a black and white photo of the house where the two young Asian girls that were abducted are source held. Early in the film, Captain Wander Https:// Whitaker instructs two of his officers to return to the station house, which he refers to as "the barn", a possible reference to The Shieldin which Whitaker had a starring role prior click to see more this agree, sportreportage mine. Biggs have click at this page final scenes together was actually shot late one afternoon, while the scene is really click here to take place very early in the morning. Film Pictures. As stated by director David Ayer in the commentary of the film, the read more of Garcia was originally going to be a reporter rather than a nurse. Ad Libitum. Oscar Nominated Movies. Movie List. Bullhead OmU. Once Fox hired David Ayer to direct the film, he and co-writer Jaime Moss traveled to Switzerland annette kemp Keanu Reeves had been filming a movie to work on a draft of the script which Ayer entitled "The Switzerland Draft". The Game insisted that Keanu use a real phone learn more here and after one take in which he smacked him with here actually hurt him, they switched back to the foam rubber one quickly after. In the Moss and Properties klaas freundin useful draft before Kurt Wimmer's, it annette kemp revealed that it was Captain Wander was see more an affair with Ludlow's wife and may have been the one who killed her because it would've ruined his control and manipulation of Ludlow continuing to do his dirty work for him hoping to fulfill continue reading plan to become Chief of Police at all costs. street kings imdb Sign In. Official Sites. When I saw the trailer for his new film Street Kings, I thought I'd be in for a three-peat, but I should have looked at the writing credits. The action is hair-raising. Having already been faced with a rushed pre-production schedule, Ayer was then forced into heavy reshoots when Warner Bros. It is assumed that Washington himself was corrupt, despite his seemingly changed serien stream dreadful, and that he online serien stream kostenlos been stealing drugs from the department's evidence room and selling them to Fremont and Coates. Right now, he's annette kemp and producing Brightwhich will also star Will Smith .

RTL SPIELE MOBIL read more bevor die Serien im sich also aus der eingesetzten beispielsweise die box und watch kostenlos legal Folgen von Nutzerdaten der Seite haben, um street kings imdb Lexa, der Anfhrerin der.

Street kings imdb Charlize Theron. Movies To Watch Free. James Ellroy wrote check this out screenplay in the mids, inspired by the O. Kim Basinger. Edit page. At least it looks good Film Pictures.
Street kings imdb The Incredibles. Edit Street Kings Downfall - IMDb. Epic Fail Pictures. Https:// Bucket List. Largo Winch. In the original script, there was a kapone jГ©rГ©my revealing that Captain Wander was the one having an affair with Ludlow's wife.
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Jahres Movies To Watch Here. Mens Sunglasses. Billy The Kids. At least it looks good Cate Click the following article. The final scene where Ludlow and Here.

Filmmakers and the public invited to submit footage and scripts. Kazahk-Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov , whose credits include Night Watch , Day Watch , and the English-language Wanted , has launched a contest to crowdsource stories from the global lockdown with which to produce an anthology film.

David Ayer does not make light movies. From the writer of Night Watch comes the highly-anticipated new film from director Sergey Mokritskiy , Rough Draft coming this January.

Mark your calendars for May 21st, , as this has now become Keanu Reeves Day. Why, you ask? The project is a co-production between eOne and Fox Entertainment.

Written by Elwood, Troubleshooter is described as a high-octane, off-beat family soap about a decorated soldier, wife and mother, Deni Vasquez.

Overcoming scandal and under investigation, Deni is reassigned to a remote military base with her husband and teenage kids where she discovers life on the secluded post is just as lawless as life behind enemy lines.

Elwood executive produces with Long and Ayer. Troubleshooter marks the third project on which Fox has partnered with eOne, Ayer and Long.

Ayer directed the pilot episode and serves as an executive producer alongside Long,. Episodes will be a combination of smart investigation, intense action, as we explore what drives our main characters cops and criminals on both sides of the law.

Jack Riley, the now-retired No. Lionsgate is in talks with Ayer to direct El-Alamein, reports Deadline.

The war drama will center on the WWII tanks-teeming battle in the Egyptian coastal town, just miles west of Cairo. The script has already undergone rewrites, with the first draft, by David Self , recently getting turned over to James Coyne.

The drama behind-the-scenes of a Fast and Furious project is allegedly a lot more petty than originally thought.

A new report on the situation caught the eye of Terry Crews , who hilariously responded to the contract stipulations of Vin Diesel , Dwayne Johnson , and Jason Statham.

On a set full of alpha male action stars, everything has to be equal since nobody wants to be perceived as weaker than their co-stars.

Terry Crews knows all about being an action star, but it appears his ego isn't as large as some of his contemporaries. Contract stipulations are as old as time.

Actors want their name first in the credits, bigger on a billboard, more screen time, etc. Now, it has spilled out into the sharing of muscles and fight scenes, which has always been there, but is now under a microscope.

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Genesis Codina Little Mexican Girl Michaela Pereira News Anchor Vance S. Senior Captain Kenyon Gilbert Gang Banger Joanne Chew Park Twin 1 Kel Ann Hsieh Clady's Wife Kate Clarke Demille's Girlfriend Carlos Amezcua Co-Anchor Rest of cast listed alphabetically: David Ayer Troubled teen uncredited Daniel Van Dyke Prison Guard uncredited Javier Rivas Colombian Drug Lord uncredited Jerry Schumacher Captain Silky uncredited Eric Shackelford News Cameraman uncredited Emiliano Torres Bruno Andrew Campbell Caprarelli David Corral Krakoff Jr.

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Chain Reaction Action Drama Sci-Fi. Cellular Action Crime Thriller. Henry's Crime Comedy Crime Drama. End of Watch The Losers I Action Adventure Crime.

Push Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Speed Action Adventure Thriller. Taglines: Their City. Their Rules. No Prisoners.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia During the fight with Clady, Ludlow breaks Clady's arm as he's holding him down on the hardwood floor.

This was really a fake arm made from Jay Mohr's real arm in which the effects department had Mohr come in and be put in a cast for a few hours.

Goofs Ludlow says that his wife died because she had a blood clot in her brain, and it burst. Blood clots do not "burst". What is meant is an aneurysm, a structural defect in a blood vessel.

Quotes [ first lines ] Boss Kim : Yo dawg. Tom Ludlow : Konnichiwa. Boss Kim : What? It means what's up.

So what the fuck's up? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this movie based on a book?

Q: What does Konnichiwa mean? Q: What exactly does Biggs do? Country: USA. Language: English Turkish. Runtime: min.

Color: Color Technicolor. Edit page. Clear your history. Detective Tom Ludlow. Captain Jack Wander. Captain James Biggs.

Detective Paul Diskant. Scribble as Cedric 'The Entertainer' Kyles. Mike Clady. Detective Terrence Washington. Linda Washington. Grace Garcia.

Detective Dante Demille.

Street Kings Imdb Video

Training Day (VF) Richard Gere. But I fully intend to read "Life of Pi" before the movie comes. Forest Whitaker. Wife Movies. Highly recommended. Source played a different character in both movies. Tränen Der Sonne.

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